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R&R Global Partners - Building Companies for Scale
Growth Capital / Financing

R&R Global Partners has a track record of success investing capital into scalable, high growth opportunities across the country.

Project Development

The firm is focused on developing under-valued, out-of-favor real estate in which it can deploy its disruptive retail operations.

Corporate Advisory

The team at R&R Global Partners helps business owners address their critical needs and make the right decisions for their future.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide guidance across every stage of the deal life-cycle, helping navigate the dynamic challenges unique to every transaction.

Seasoned Experts in Private Equity and Growth Capital

R&R Global Partners is an international private investment management firm headquartered outside of Philadelphia, PA with offices in Chicago, IL and Toronto, Ontario.  The firm is focused on scalable growth investing and value-added real estate development in which it can deploy its disruptive retail operations to create immediate NOI and quickly generate value in properties.  R&R and their affiliate-partner companies, provide investment, merger and acquisition advisory, management consulting and financing services to corporate and financial clients.  Clients include mature Fortune 100 Companies looking to optimize operations or expand through acquisition, to early-stage growth ventures seeking financial and human capital and experience.  R&R Global Partners includes a comprehensive team of finance, investment, operations, development, construction, commercial real estate and marketing professionals from Fortune 50 and diverse growth companies.